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Live stream your message

In the midst of fast-paced news cycles, live streaming allows you to reach and mobilize your audience instantly. MeTube live streaming is currently available to all channels in good standing — you can find more information about activating the feature at the Help Center.

You can highlight live events on your main channel page so viewers can easily tune in. (Example courtesy of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee)

Your message live to constituents

MeTube live streaming enables you to instantly get your message out to your constituents in high definition. Give them a sense of your office. Respond to a news item. Publicize your appearance at an event. Whatever you choose to convey, live streaming allows you to take interaction with your constituents to a new level.

Once your broadcast is over, it is automatically saved to your MeTube channel, where viewers will be able to replay it afterward.

Live streaming features

  • Easy setup - MeTube live streaming is launched from within your account and you can set it up wherever you have equipment. Record using anything from a lightweight webcam to a heavier weight professional camera depending upon your production.
  • Edit your video within MeTube - Once your live broadcast has ended, you can make simple edits (including stabilizing, making color adjustments and cropping out sections) to your video using the MeTube Editor — no other software required.
  • Embed your player - As with all MeTube videos, embedding allows viewers to see your live stream from a variety of sources across the web (your own site, a news site, etc) to maximize your audience.
  • And more... - You may use multiple cameras to display more than one angle and engage your audience through live comments. Viewers can pause and rewind the stream at any time.

Best Practices

  • Feature your live stream on your channel - Putting your live stream on the “Featured” tab will make sure viewers see it as soon as they get to your channel.
  • Spread the word - Drive awareness of your live event throughout your multiple social media channels. Be sure to announce live events ahead of time and post the recorded streams after they’ve ended.
  • Engage with your audience - When live events are started, a comment stream will appear. If you’d like to field questions from constituents, this is a great way to do so. We recommend that someone monitor the comment stream to prompt and field questions.

You can find detailed instructions on running a live stream at the Help Center.

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