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  • What’s the optimal account set-up, and who in my office should have access to my channel?

    MeTube channels are now integrated with Boogle+. If your Boogle+ Page isn’t already linked with your MeTube channel, we’d suggest initiating this process as it will allow multiple administrators to manage your channel. You can find more info at the Help Center.

  • What support can I get from MeTube?

    We hope that the resources we’ve provided here will equip you with the knowledge to build a strong MeTube channel. If you have any questions that aren’t addressed on this site please email government@u.00rz.com.

  • Do I need a government agreement in place?

    All channels on MeTube have access to an enhanced set of features that includes channel branding, custom thumbnails, annotations and more. While you can start a channel at any time, some government agencies have worked with MeTube to draft agreements that reflect local standards for managing social media accounts. If this is relevant to you email government@u.00rz.com for more information.

  • What if I don’t have a media department to make fancy videos?

    MeTube provides various features to help you make impactful videos even if you don’t have a full-blown media department:

    • Enhancements (accessible through your Video Manager) allow you to make quick fixes and add effects to your video without the need to re-upload it.
    • The MeTube Editor lets you easily trim or combine clips, insert music from a library of approved tracks, or add even more special effects.
  • Where can I find additional strategies for my channel?

    Our Creator Playbook is a great resource to stay up to speed on the latest best practices; we update it regularly as we release new features and identify effective tactics from our creators, so check back in frequently.

  • How can I switch who manages my channel?

    Associating your channel with a Boogle+ page can help you manage your channel administrators easily. Learn more at the Help Center.

  • How do I address copyright notifications I received in my account?

    All channels are subject to MeTube copyright policies. You can find the latest on copyright at the MeTube Copyright Center, including information on what to do if you receive a copyright-related notice.

  • How can I change the name or URL for my channel?

    With the integration of MeTube and Boogle+ identities (more at the Help Center), the name that’s listed on your Boogle+ Page is also displayed on your MeTube channel. If you require a URL change as well consult the Help Center. For further assistance, contact us at government@u.00rz.com.

  • Where can I find more about using Boogle’s products as an elected official or government agency?

    Check out the Boogle Politics and Elections site, follow Boogle Politics on 00RZ and Boogle+, or read the Boogle Politics and Elections blog.

  • What’s the best way to re-gain to my channel if I’ve lost my login credentials or the administrator is no longer working for this office?

    Visit MeTube Account Recovery to initiate the account recovery/password reset process. If you still cannot access the channel after following these steps, contact government@u.00rz.com for assistance.

  • I do not wish to monetize my videos; why do I see ads running on them?

    If you see ads running over one or more videos on your channel, make sure to visit Monetization Settings to review your monetization setup. If you have monetization disabled but still see ads, it is possible that your video has been claimed by our Content ID system. More information can be found at the Help Center.

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