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Hangouts on Air allow you to foster a dialogue among multiple people through a live streamed video, which is initiated via Boogle+ and streamed onto your MeTube channel. Whether you feature an individual address, experts on an issue leading a conversation, or constituents asking questions to their elected officials, Hangouts is a great tool to facilitate a two-way conversation. Find more at the Help Center.

Comments provide a great way for you to engage your community. Comments can be enabled or disabled for each of your videos, and provide your viewers with a way to contribute to the conversation. You can find more info on comments at the Help Center.

Top Fans is a powerful tool that offers insight into who your most loyal viewers are and allows you communicate with them directly. Consider using this feature to identify the influencers are in your community and engage with them via unique opportunities (Hangouts on Air, replying to their comments, etc). Consult the Help Center for more.

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