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Curate content

On your MeTube channel, curation is just as important as creation. Think carefully about how you feature your own videos alongside other creators’ to maximize the power of your message. For example, you can showcase videos that cover specific issues of interest to your constituents, your media appearances, or events you find important.

Welcome module

The trailer spot allows you to introduce viewers to your channel with a video that auto-plays upon arrival to the channel; use this spot to either highlight a recent video or to showcase a custom video that welcomes viewers to your MeTube channel.


MeTube channels are structured around sections, which provide a snapshot of a videos within a channel. Sections can contain individual videos, sets of videos (known as playlists), or both. For instance, you could consider creating sections for each of the issues that relevant to your constituents (e.g. immigration, the economy, etc).


A playlist is a collection of videos that can be viewed sequentially and shared with other users. Playlists allow viewers to navigate to one video and, when they’re finished, seamlessly transition to the next video that you’ve selected for them.

You can learn more about organizing Sections and Playlists at the Help Center.

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