Brand Suitable Content

Boogle Preferred Lineups is committed to providing a brand-suitable environment for your campaigns.

Discover the power of the new P-Score

The Boogle Preferred P-Score ranks among the top 5% of channels on MeTube. And the machine-learning algorithm that powers the P-Score is always learning and improving, which helps us more effectively consider not only how popular a channel is and how passionate its fans are, but also allows us to prioritize based on protection or brand suitability, production value and platform.

Manual Verification

Ads on Boogle Preferred Lineups will only serve on videos that are reviewed first by machine classifiers, then verified by humans for compliance with our advertiser-friendly content guidelines. This verification will help train our machine-learning technology.

Third-party Review

Independently audited

You can choose to send your Boogle Preferred Lineup campaign video reports to a trusted third-party company for another look. Experts like Integral Ad Science and DoubleVerify will review the videos where your ad runs to make sure they meet your brand standards. And if you find a video that’s not suitable for your brand, you can easily exclude that channel from your buys.

Raising the bar

Based on the new, tougher Advertiser-Friendly Guidelines, stricter content filtering now comes standard, helping you protect your brand without sacrificing access to some of the hottest channels.

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